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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Opinion: Are you an accomplice on election fraud?

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Comment on "Verzola: Namfrel part of poll fraud coverup; Namfrel: Go after Comelec, not us"
June 19, 2006 at 5:42 pm • Posted by Alecks Pabico at

Whether Versola’s views are true or not, NAMFREL has the burden of proving it to the people that it is really an election “watchdog”. Why should Lagman pass the buck to the COMELEC? Why don’t he answer the question/points raised by Versola especially the indicators in bullet form?

If indeed NAMFREL was silent about the fraud or at least the indicators of fraud including the discrepancies, then this citizen’s election watchdog is no longer a watchdog!

Pardon, but this really reminds me of our old dog way back in the 90s. Whenever he is full (esp. after lunch) he falls into a deep sleep and wakes up again ONLY when hungry.

No, I am not insinuating that NAMFREL is into something fishy, I’m just at this point trying to ask a couple of questions. Why the silence about the fraud? Maybe there was no fraud at all?

If so, I think NAMFREL has to educate the people, contest Versola’s claim and prove it’s worth, like, once and for all —release the complete precinct breakdowns as asked.

NAMFREL owes it to the people big time to clear its name; Filipinos used to trust NAMFREL, wahhapend? By the way, at this time, what is NAMFREL’s goat, as floated by Lagman in his response?

I have always believed that since the President apologized for the wrongdoing, we deserved someone better. That we really need a leader who is also a model and a good example. Maybe difficult, but we need our leader to be clean and unstained. For failing to prove her innocence, via due process of law and fair presentation of evidence and counter-evidence (defense); the President has failed the people.

BUT I THINK the problems our country face in these trying times is not only due to a leader who have failed to win peoples’ trust and confidence. Not only because likewise she has failed to lead the people to rally behind her because of some levels of distrust.

The problems are also because of other complacent Filipinos who allowed evil things to happen in front of them. My point is, don’t just point to the President. She might have really done some of those things she is accused of. But she could have not done that without hundreds, thousands if not millions of people who allowed her to do that!

The culprit could be Malacañang’s present resident; but anyone could be an accomplice. Maybe me, you or anyone.


Blogger peterlavina said...

The danger of the next election without genuine electoral reforms is that the culprits - since still scot-free - will do their tricks again. They would even be more bold because no one is sent to jail for cheating. Welcome to Ill-counted Kingdom!

3:43 PM  
Blogger Waltzib said...

Thanks Sir Pete for the comment. Like you, I really believe the culprits should be tried and punished. For once, I hope our government is committed to show the people that it can make the wheels of justice move.

I believe that the COMELEC, as Prof. Randy David told Davao audiences this summer, needs an overhaul of credibility. Unless we get rid of the poll body's ill-reputation and unwashed stains, every election they administer would be doubted.

In turn, the right of the people to choose it's leaders (and to democracy as a whole) is dumped by an institution or exercise that is laced with dog shit from left to right.

That's why for me, the silence of NAMFREL is unforgivable: they were supposed to aw-aw the intruder whose ill intent to our constitutional rights are not only shrewd but obviously shrewd.

I also think that the agency of the people to stand against mediocrity, if not decay in governance remains a potent force to correct what needs correction.

Thanks for dropping by Sir. It's an honor to get a comment from Davao's busy, dynamic blogger-legislator.

5:44 PM  

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