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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Essays: In the Ministry: Becoming an instrument for God's work

In the Ministry:Becoming an instrument for God’s work
BY WALTER I. BALANE/Lingkod Server staff

God is building his Kingdom --- and He is counting on Us. As we are building our version of God’s kingdom, the “Payag,” in Lingkod Malaybalay that is what we do in the building up ofthe “ministry.”

Does it really mean to you if you hear about “Music Min,” “IPT,”“Finance,” Admin-Secretariat” and “Works of Mercy”? These are our versions of ministries in the branch, our little way ofhelping in God’s immense work of building His Kingdom.

Perhaps we could use some natural references to explain this. Inphysics, one of Newton’s laws is on “action and reaction.” It says, inevery action or force, there is a counter force to it as a reaction. God’s love is the action. He inspired us in the prayer meeting, in ourprayer time, in the action group, he kept our trip safe, He embraced usback to His flock amid our unfaithfulness or he answered our prayersfrom small to big ones.

What we gave back to God is our reaction. Say, God blessed us so muchwith a life of comfort, purity and family love.

What is our response? Ifwe are given Love are we not suppose to respond with love as well?Say your action group leader sends you a text message of hello and howare yous? The choice of reply is yours.

In physics, we also learned about potential and kinetic energy. When itis at rest, the energy is only a “potential.” Unless set in motion orkinetic, such energy becomes a waste. God gave us so much “potential energy” with our talents, skills,resources and gifts.

He gave us work or pre-occupation, friends, afamily, education, good experiences and good outlook in life. All'pontential' yet life-giving. Have we set it in motion in response to God’s love?

Our various ministries in Lingkod are avenues for us to set it in motionand to “respond” to God’s love. It is not only an invitation from theleaders of the community. First, there was God calling each person to be a servant or to be a“Lingkod.” No, not just to sit there at the prayer meeting, but to setGod’s work in motion in, say, your workplace, at home, in the street orin your own heart. Then we who have heard (many tried to listen but did not hear it) cameto a point of accepting that call (remember the dedication?).

Now it isa concrete response to show our love for the Lord in becoming a co-ownerof His work (financial contribution), to sing Him praises and worshipHim (music ministry), to help plan and manage His work (administrationand secretariat), to intercede for His flock (IPT team) and to dress,feed and inspire those who are in need (works of mercy.)

In every ministry work, the recipient is the Lord. In every brother orsister we helped, in every tune we sing, in every peso we share to astreet kid is a piece of us given back to the Lord.Come to think of this, did God just call us to receive? Yes, he wants usto share in His goodness. But he wants us to share it to others too.

Hewants us to be a part of his workforce and express our love for Himthrough that work.Join Lingkod’s ministries and tell the Lord, Yes, I love you Lord and Imean it. (LS)


Anonymous Phiilippines said...

It's nice to become an instrument of God's work. I have a sister who almost did and I know and understand how and what it feels. - Ana

4:19 PM  

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