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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Opinion: On the President's formula on classroom ratio

The President’s play with numbers on the shortage of classrooms could just be a continuing manifestation of how she might have manipulated her victory in 2004. It’s a matter of attitude.

Plainly, it is possible that this president has shown consistency of actions. This is of course a show of true colors.

Indeed, there are “Two Philippines” in this administration. One is her “fantasy” or “enchanted kingdom” and the other, a helpless or tolerant society that continues to suffer the spell of the make-believe curse.

I feel that she lost credibility. Gloriaspeak has become synonymous to fudging — always doubted and ridiculed.

I challenge the President to enrol her grandchildren or relatives in those classrooms where the ratio is 100: 1. Why don’t she try enrolling the children in the family on half-day classes only?

Instead of inventing modes to manipulate governance, this administration should partner with the people in a sincere and honest to goodness public service. Partnerships with groups that already do substantial work on education could be a big help.

If Gawad Kalinga was able to do it for housing, for sure, another collaborative effort could do it for education, at least for schoolbuildings.

The President, in her sheer and untamed release of temper is isolating herself from the people who expects her to deliver in her constitutional duty as chief executive of the country.

Besides, this mother and former teacher should show children and the youth some education, I mean some manners worth emulating from a leader who should have set as an example or who should have led by it. (Photo: 14 of the 27 participants to the MindaNews' 1st Summer Youth Training Workshops in GSIS Heights Subdivision, Matina, Davao City on May 9-19, 2006. Photo by Waltzib)


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