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Monday, August 14, 2006

Updates: Alarming

No, I did not mean the blog "Disastrous" I posted yesterday (which I thought I could update but I havent.) I actually meant the bomb that reportedly exploded in Valencia City on Friday. My story was written from Davao and updated with interviews in Bukidnon. It was alarming because, Bukidnon, being a big WWII battlefield or at least hideout, could have more of those vintage bombs. I wish the police and local governments could be more proactive on this matter, esp. that two people died and six others were injured.

At least there are good news on the other hand. The Ombudsman already launched its whistleblowing primer, promising to help curb or fight corruption in Mindanao and the rest of the country via citizen participation. I just hope it could convince people to "sing" against corrupt public officials. The rate of reported cases of corrupt officials is also another alarming angle. Wew.


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