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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Updates: MindaNews' peoples' journalism

MindaNews has endeavored to engage with communities around Mindanao on Journalism. As part of the news organization's missions/vision, it aspires to help empower peoples and communities not only through reporting about them more accurately, but also to help them become more articulate about the issues in their communities, help empower them to megaphone these issues to the public and mainstream it to a wider audience or audiences.

In that way, the voices of peoples and communities are more heard.

MindaNews has initiated the Grassroots Journalism Training to be a realization of this ideal. It was conceived together with the MindaNews cooperative. It hopes to work for a Mindanao that is reported by Mindanawons altogether. This is Our Mindanao. A voice that calls for unity and ownership. A call for empowerment. This is journalism of the people, by the people and for the people.

[This project is conducted by a team of MindaNews trainers led by Carolyn O. Arguillas (director), Penelope C. Sanz (on basic documentation), Walter I. Balane (on basic reporting)and Skippy R. Lumawag (on basic photography)].


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