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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Talk about saving face in the international community ...

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...about the Nursing Board Examinations leakage?

Our nurses are considered among the most sought after in the world, so what does the leakage make of this reputation?

So cheating is here, there, and everywhere in the country? And do you suppose to rectify it just by asking the nursing board passers to retake? I don't think it is as easy as ABC.

Talk about cheating ..and you'll never miss it ...that our country's Head of State and Head of Government is accused of cheating her way to victory! I couldn't help but connect that to the nursing board leakage ---maybe the PRC people involved or whoever was really involved just took the pitch from Her Excellency, the Queen of Malacanang?

Argue yourself out with my question (that's a question your honor!), but c'mon help get the impeachment trial on the roll well, not because you are on the side of the opposition, but because you want an end to this once and for all, don't you?

I aspire to be objective as a journalist, so I shouldn't be leaning on any wall. I dont do that in writing this blog. Precisely that same quest for objectivity and truth has driven me to bat for an impeachment trial so evidence could be weighed once and for all to liberate us from this darkness!

My only fear is, and mirroring one of the CBCP's primary premises, that the opposition (as they call themselves so) could use it to sow confusion and turn the process into a mockery of justice that could result in mass disorder, if not civil violence or war!

I'll just pray in my little corner that the forces of nature and God's power will reign all over, including in my restive, curious mind.


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