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Saturday, August 26, 2006

A patent office with support services for Mindanao!

We need not just a patent office but one which aids inventors also in patent research and product develpment. That's the demand from MIFI or the Mindanao Inventors Federation Inc.
Engr. Samuel Abrenilla spoke with me for a MindaNews story why they were "disgruntled " with this lack of support from the government for the development of technologies. He said Filipino inventions are bought by foreigners, like American IT firms who have the capital to assume patent ownership.

In return, Filipino inventions were absorbed by foreign capitalists with the invenstors obscured in the sidelines. He said it doesn't contribute to the building of a Filipino morale as an inventor or innovator.

He said the government must change that framework that relies our surging need for technologies from foreigners. The Mindanawons and the rest of the Filipinos have a rich collection of these products stalled in household bodegas. The government is putting to waste, he said, the Filipinos technological advances.


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